The association organizes several events – Antiquity festivals, where different elements of life are being demonstrated. They include board games, authentic craftsmen, cooking recipes, a judicial process, religious rituals, Antique fashion, a slave market, gladiatorial games, battle maneuvers. Communication with the audience is mandatory, in order for them to get acquainted with the historical period.

  • On the 13th of August we conducted the first ever festival “Nike – the game and the victory” in the archeological reservation Nicopolis Ad Istrum near the village of Nicup. The event brought together 70 reenactors from two countries and 3000 spectators. It has been part of the historical calendar of Veliko Tarnovo for the year 2017.
  • On the 3rd and 4th of June 2017, we prepared and conducted the second edition of the festival “Marcianopolis – life in the ancient city”, near the town of Devnia.
  • On the 12th of August 2017, the association organized the second edition of “Nike – the game and the victory”, which showed to the audience different barbarian invasions, clashes with the Roman army and the creation of the Gothic alphabet by Ulfillas. 120 reenactors from 5 different countries took park in the event.
  • На 02.09.2017 г. On the second of September 2017, some of our members participated for the first time in the festival “Terra Antiqua Balcanica” near Pavlikeni, with its unique outdoor museum for ceramics and pottery.  
  • On the 17th of September, altogether with the Sofia Historical Museum, the Summer school for classical languages and the association of Roman law from Sofia university demonstrated Antique poetry, musical compositions and a lawsuit.
  • For the first time in 2019, altogether with the local municipality of Sofia and The Historical museum of Sofia, we are organizing the festival “Serdicae is my Rome”, like the popular saying of emperor Constantine in Sofia itself, near the preserved Western gate of Serdicae.