Association for Antiquity reconstruction “Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Sedicae”, established in the 8th of June, 2016 in Sofia is the first reenactment group in Bulgaria, which focuses on recreating and popularizing the Late Antiquity. This is a immensely important historical period for both the Balkans and Europe, which often is undeservedly being neglected. Therefore, our mission is to point the attention of the wide audience to the rich cultural and material heritage, which is all around us. The chairman of the association, Vladimir Popov is one of the pioneers of roman and ancient reenactment in Bulgaria from the year 2007. He has been developing this kind of hobby, which is has gained popularity all over the world. Mos Maiorum literally means “customs of the ancients”or “customs of the ancestors”. The phrase is centered around the legacy of the romans regarding their value system, reflecting their understanding of the wisdom of history, the organization of roman society and the building of the state. We unite the interests of people, who have a distinct affinity towards the Antique history and creating historical reconstruction of clothing,  civil life and war.  

    Our exploring activity, including searching, studying and analizing historical sources, brings us information about the material and spiritual culture during the Antiquity. We create clothes, objects and armament with authentic materials and examine their use as it was in the historical age. We participate in meetings, forums, festivals and other events, which have close and mutually useful interests. The association organizes several events – Antiquity festivals, where different aspects of the historical age are being demonstrated – day to day activities, artisans, cooking resepies, games, rituals and battles. 

    This year, on the first of june, together with the Historical Museum of Sofia, we prepared and opened and educational center in the cultural complex of Serdicae, which is already open. Its goal is to familiarize children via an interactive manner with the rich past of our city. This is a project, which required long and hard work, which will continue forward. That’s why it is very important to cultivate the positive attitude to Antique history. We consider this our card regarding the cultural belonging to the European civilization.

     Our purpose is to continue the popularization of living history and adequate historical reenactments, centered around the rich and ancient cultural heritage of Bulgaria

      The association has two main groups of reenactors. The barbarian part recreates one of the most fearsome enemies of the roman state back then – the Germanic Thervingi, part of the migrating Gothic tribes. Furthermore, the so called “comitatus” is being developed – a very well equipped and battle ready warband, which consist of the personal retinue and guards of the chieftain. Real historical figures like Fritigern and Athanarich are also being reenacted. Some of the guys also develop ancient pagan rituals and the gothic pronunciation of the language. Other members of the association recreate a local Roman legion – the so called Tertiodecimani, which was part of the Balkan field army during the period. Their symbols is painted on every legionary shield, according to the historical source, The Notitia Dignitatum, and it resembles a lion or a hound. Both groups train and drill battle formations and singular duels. Additional members have formed a steady core of religious figures, who familiarize the audience with the young Christianity, the differences between different versions of the religion and sometimes engage in religious disputes. As for our gorgeous ladies, they have acquired and are familiar with information about clothing, jewelry, headwear and even some interesting board games.